An adoption agency is the first step in the adoption journey for both birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents. Adopting or placing a child for adoption in Boynton Beach, Florida, will require utilizing an agency to help navigate the adoption journey. Choosing an agency can be quite harrowing, and oftentimes, very confusing. While adoption agencies can differ from one another, they all provide a common service of being the facilitator of the adoption process.

Throughout this process, an adoption agency will facilitate home studies, provide education, match prospective parents with birth mothers, and much more. Whether you are a hopeful adoptive parent or a birth parent, Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC) is here to lead you through the whole process and beyond. I

f you are an adoptive parent, our adoption agency will act as your guide, laying out the course to your final goal of adoption. Initially, we will consult with you regarding what the journey will look like and what will be required from you. ASC will outline any fees and additional costs you may expect to incur from things such as the home study, education, and birth mother expenses, and you will be provided with any paperwork needed to begin the process. After that, we will assign one of our caseworkers to you. This caseworker will be your guide on the journey, make sure you are moving along on the right course, and facilitate your home study and post-placement visits. They will also be there to answer any questions you may have along the way. The goal of our agency is to make you feel comfortable and stay informed from the beginning of your process until we see you through all the way to finalization.

If you are a birth parent, ASC will make sure that you understand the adoption process and all of the options available to you. We want nothing more than to make sure you feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. The decision you have made to place your child for adoption is a monumental one, and we absolutely see and value that! Your caseworker will provide you with all of the information you need to begin the process. You may be able to find assistance through our agency with medical, housing, and pregnancy-related expenses, all in congruence with Florida law. Our agency will also aid you in choosing a family for your child, discussing openness options, and provide counseling services for post-placement support.

One of the most important tools at your disposal through the adoption process is having a team of people by your side to guide you along your journey. Having a good support system to cry with you, rejoice with you, and hold your hand through this life-changing process is invaluable. No matter what role you play in an adoption story, you are a priority to us. You have come to the right place to find an agency that is not only ethical but committed to each and every person we serve. Our caseworkers will be with you from the beginning and be available to you long after placement and finalization.

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