Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be traumatic and hard to work through, to say the least. Now, all of a sudden, you have another life to look after and take care of should you choose to do so. You will probably be shocked and fearful in the beginning. These emotions are normal to feel, especially when you were not expecting something like this to occur in your life just now. During the whole process, there may even be times where you feel like your life is completely over. Remember, it isn’t. For the time being, the path that you’ve been walking on has just turned into a different direction than you had originally planned on. You were going west; now, you’re going north. Accept that. Accept the fact that you are pregnant, and if you feel that you are not quite ready to parent a child, it’s okay! It really is. As you are exploring your unplanned pregnancy options, consider looking into adoption. Adoption is a wonderful thing and has touched many hearts as families have been created through it.

Choosing an Adoption Agency

So you’ve made the decision to adopt, now what? Where do you begin? What comes next? One great option after you’ve decided to place your baby for adoption is to look for an adoption agency. Adoption agencies facilitate adoptions between birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents. They can be a great connection to help you locate a family you feel is best to parent your child. However, one word of caution: don’t choose an agency that you do not feel comfortable with. Do your research. Visit the agency’s website. Call their staff members and see how you feel during your conversation with them. Do you feel like they are really listening to you? A good agency will not only listen to your concerns and fears, but they will also be understanding. They should be kind and compassionate. They should not try to sell or pressure you into anything. The right adoption agency will not make you feel like you are just another person to be stuck in a manila folder and placed in a pile. They should treat you like a human beingnot just another task for them to work through.

Adoption by Shepherd Care

Here at Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC), we understand your fears and concerns. Since 1980, our services have been helping birth mothers with anything and everything adoption-related. When you make an adoption plan with us, we will be able to help you with financial needs like housing, medical care, utility bills, clothing, groceries. We can even help you with living expenses for a few weeks after your child is born. Additionally, we will provide transportation to and from your medical appointments and will make sure you obtain the proper medical care you need during your pregnancy. If you choose ASC as your adoption agency, we will be your guide and help you navigate the seemingly confusing and stressful times of the adoption experience. You don’t need to worry. We will be with you during the here and now.

So if you are searching for an adoption agency near Deland, Florida, please contact us today or send us a text at (754) 666-2973. We’re always here.

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