Deciding whether adoption is right for you can be a confusing time. Whether you’re unexpectedly pregnant and not ready to parent a child, or whether you’re considering adding another child to your family through adoption, there is much to consider. You’ll want to find an adoption agency that supports you throughout the entire process. At Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC), we can help you navigate the process from start to finish. We are a full-service adoption agency in Orlando, Florida, that specializes in helping birth mothers and potential families find each other. For mothers considering adoption for their babies, we can help to ease some of the stress of the process. We provide financial services to our birth mothers in accordance with Florida law and can help with housing, medical care, transportation to appointments, utility bills, groceries, and more. We even offer help with maternity clothing and can also assist with living expenses after the baby is born to help with your recovery.

Additionally, ASC can help you with the medical care you need during your pregnancy. We can help you attain medical coverage, schedule appointments, and transport you to and from those medical appointments as well as any other transportation needs you may have. Counseling support is also provided so you can make the absolute best decision for you and your child.

For families considering adding a child to their family through adoption, we have much to offer. A program we are very excited about is our family marketing. It allows expectant mothers to meet and get to know your family while they are considering adoption for their child.

ASC also offers a free finance coach to each of the adopting families. You can speak with a financial coach to help you find the right plan for you to pay for your adoption. We offer a range of options including an online gift registry service to help you receive money for your adoption expenses. Don’t let finances keep you from building your family. Furthermore, we offer home study services to adopting families and counseling to birth parents during the pregnancy and after the child is born. We also address birth father rights in accordance with the law, how to navigate ICPC, and many other services to ease the potential stress of the adoption process.

If you’ve already been contacted by a birth mother to adopt her child, we can help you with that process as well. We can provide hopeful adoptive parents and birth mothers adoption placement services. ASC can customize any plan to fit your family and situation, as long as one family is in the state of Florida.

Adopting is a personal decision, and you’ll want the right adoption agency to support you through the process. If you feel you are ready to place your child for adoption, please contact Adoption by Shepherd Care or call us at 800-66-2060 for more information. You can also text us day or night at 754-666-2973.

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