Trying to figure out the right adoption agency can be difficult and stressful. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are probably under a lot of stress already, and trying to find the right adoption agency is just another thing to add to your plate, another choice you have to make in an ocean of tough decisions. And, to make things more difficult, there are so many adoption agencies out there. How do you even begin to choose one?

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency

A good place to start from is to understand your needs and your baby’s needs first. Write down what assistance you require from an agency. Do you need medical, transportation, counseling, financial, or housing? Not all agencies provide this help, and so understanding what you need first and foremost might help you make your decision as you are searching for an adoption agency.

Do They Care about You?

Let’s say you are going through an adoption agency’s website, poking around, trying to get a feel for how they function and facilitate the adoption process. Maybe you come across something on their website that you don’t agree with, or perhaps you’ve even called the agency and talked with one of their staff members. How did that person make you feel? Was he or she kind and compassionate during the call? Did you feel uncomfortable, tossed around, or pushed into a pile of other “waiting documents?” If you felt any of the latter, probably hightail it out of there. You want an agency that is understanding to you and your situation. You want an agency that is looking out for you and your baby’s needs. If they make you feel uncomfortable or pressured at all, don’t bother with them. Find an agency that cares about you and your situation. Find one that will be kind and comforting during the adoption process. This is a tender time of your life. Find an agency that will be tender back.

Adoption by Shepherd Care

Here at Adoption by Shepherd Care (ASC), we understand your concerns and your fears. We know the ups and downs, the twists and turns of the adoption process, and we will be there with you through it all.

“When a family signs up for one of our adoption programs, we don’t take it lightly. We know their names and their situation. We will take their calls, answer their questions, and be available both now and for years down the road . . . . To us at ASC, you are not a case or a file—you are a person.”

Since 1980, our agency has been working to provide birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents with the best adoption services out there. Not only are we Hague accredited, but we are also a member of the National Council for Adoption, the Florida Adoption Council, and the Council on Accreditation.

If you choose ASC, you will be in good hands. We provide counseling, financial, medical, and transportation services to birth mothers. You won’t be alone on this journey. You’ll make friends here and feel safe. Taneisha describes her experience of working with ASC: “My caseworker was very caring and made me feel comfortable, and she didn’t try to sell me on the idea of adoption. She gave me a lot of information, and in time, I did decide that it was the best decision for me and my baby. I am so glad that I called Adoption by Shepherd Care and that they worked with me even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.”

We’re here to help you, and if you’re searching for an adoption agency near Sanford, Florida, please contact ASC or visit our website.

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