Are you ever truly “ready” to have a child? There is often a notion that one must “feel” ready to have a child. Some they stubble upon parenthood, some struggle to embark on it, and others make a series of choices to make the journey.

Adopting or placing a child can be an overwhelming and a total mystery at the same time. Adoption is one of those parenting choices that is made from a previous struggle for parenthood, out of love for the cause, or to help the child have a better life. Regardless of how or when the adoption decision is made, it can still be a whirlwind of an experience. What do we mean by this?

In the adoption process for adoptive parents, birth mothers, and even the children can come with all new vocabulary, paperwork, waiting times, and people to trust. No matter who you are in this list, you have to learn a whole new way of life and trust all new people to get you through it. You may not know the blessings or challenges that lay ahead; naturally, this can be a worrisome journey.

At Adoption by Shepherd Care, our aim is to help all parties involved in the adoption process feel heard, cared for, and confident. We believe that each individual we assist is valuable and has their own experience in this journey. Every client deserves special care and attention because each person and adoption is so unique. No matter where you are in the process, we want to ensure that you have a voice and are treated well throughout the adoption, including anytime afterward.

We have been touched to read “Parents Share: My ‘Adoption Heroes” from Adoptive Families Magazine this past week. Many adoptive families wrote into the magazine who their adoption hero was to them, ranging from their birth mother to biological mother, to even an adoption professional. There are so many people that can come alongside those taking the adoption route. However, adoption professionals are number one in ensuring it all goes well. How much more should be care deeply about the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being of our clients and not just the paperwork? This article reminded us of the fact that we are called to serve sincerely and not get lost in the mundane sides of the process. If you are an adoption professional, will you make the effort with your clients? (Please see the article in the link below)

We are so grateful for this reminder from Adoptive Families Magazine because clients’ lives are invaluable. Below one of our most recent Domestic Adoption families wrote our social workers a sweet note about their service. We could not be more proud of our lovely staff for taking the time to care for their clients in such a meaningful way. Thank you to our clients for encouraging us in our efforts and beings so willing to share your lives with us. We truly love to serve, see families grow, and be sustained through all the friendships we make.

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