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Adoption by Shepherd Care was great to work with. They keep you informed and you always feel like you have a clear line of communication with them. They are on top of it!

We were matched within a WEEK of our profile going active and brought our bundle of joy home just 6 weeks later. Our son’s birthmother was amazing, strong and gave us the best gift of our entire lives. We love our son more than I can ever describe.

I felt confident that our agency was treating our son’s birthmother with integrity and respect and also providing her with the necessary support before and after placement. We worked with Heidi and Emily who do a fabulous job.

Nicole & Cale

Our family has been incredibly blessed through adoption. We have enjoyed working with Adoption by Shepherd Care for several years and didnʼt hesitate to work with them when we started our second adoption process. With the strength and courage of a birth mother, we were able to become parents to our beautiful daughter in 2017. Waiting for an adoption match can be hard, but everyone working with Shepherdʼs Care was great at answering questions very promptly, encouraging us, always willing to lend a listening ear and praying for us.

We enjoyed working with Terri, Heidi, Kira, Marilyn, Nidia, and all the other support workers. Starting an adoption process can feel daunting, but they were able to guide us through it. We are ever so grateful for all the support Shepherd Care Ministries has given us, and the excitement they shared with us when our daughter was placed into our arms for the first time! – Travis, Shannon, Kalissa & Aaliyah

Travis & Shannon

When God first put it on our hearts to grow our family through adoption we didn’t know where to start. Some friends had adopted their two children through Adoption By Shepherd Care and highly recommended them. While our initial meeting was full of an overwhelming amount of information, Terri immediately made us feel comfortable, took time to share the mission of their agency, asked and answered countless questions and was honest about all the process would entail. Ryan and I knew before leaving the office we were ready to start on our journey with the help of ABSC. Every staff member we worked with was warm, caring, honest, encouraging and truly cared about helping make our dream of adding a third child to our family a reality. They helped us walk through and complete our home study, create our profile and share our profile with birthmoms whom they felt we would be a good match.

At just over a year, we got “the call” that a birth mother had chosen our family to place her daughter with. While the 8 weeks of waiting felt extremely long and scary, our counselor Angela kept us updated on her meetings and appointments and was the one who called with the news our baby girl was born. She and Terri met us at the hospital for our introduction to our daughter and shared in one of our most joyful moments. We can’t say enough good things about ABSC and tell anyone who asks how wonderful our experience was. Not only did they walk alongside us in our journey but they also were right beside Kinsey’s birth mom and made sure she was cared for as she made the sacrificial decision in love that changed our lives forever.

Ryan and Kami


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