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Pregnant? Not Sure What to Do? Request our "Comprehensive Adoption Guide"

Support Sessions

We understand the Adoption journey may be unfamiliar to you. Our role at Adoption by Shepherd Care is to come alongside you, answer your questions and offer you options.

Adoption is one of the most selfless decisions a woman can make for her child. We care about you and your story. When pregnant and considering adoption there are many choices before you. We also know there are many emotions you are experiencing. ASC will be here for you, every step of the way.

Adoption is

courageous and selfless

We Are Here For You!


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Financial Support

The adoption process can be an overwhelming time. We can assist with pregnancy-related financial needs like housing, utility bills, medical care, and groceries.

Medical Support

Our team will help you identify a medical provider in your area.” – We don’t want the liability of saying we are responsible for choosing a doctor for a client, etc.


We can help you find housing and provide financial assistance for housing and utilities.

Counseling Support

Shepherd Care offers one-on-one support and counseling during your pregnancy, post-partum, and for years to come. We are here to support you holistically, based on your needs and desires.


ASC will help with your transportation needs throughout your pregnancy. We want this time to be as smooth as possible for you.

Why Us?


Diverse and dedicated team working for your interests.


Competent and compassionate throughout your life long journey.


We listen to you and your concerns.


We honor your decisions.


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