The Decision of Giving Your Baby For Adoption in Florida

Adoption in Florida is one of the three options presented to birth mothers when facing an unplanned pregnancy. The other two options are Parenting and Abortion; both bringing their own set of hardships.


the process of giving up your child for adoption in florida


Placing Your Baby For Adoption

How you choose to respond to an unplanned pregnancy is an incredibly personal decision. The journey of adoption can be challenging but this may be the best thing for you, your baby, and a loving family.

According to American Adoptions, “Gone are the days when a woman simply handed her baby over to an adoptive family, never to see or hear from them again — and never knowing how her child was doing or how much her child was loved. Today’s birth mothers see firsthand how their babies grow up through pictures, letters and sometimes even visits and phone calls…

Rather than “giving up” their babies, these women do quite the opposite: they place their babies into the arms of eternally grateful, loving families that will spend their days appreciating the gift that a special woman gave them”.

After weighing all your options, adoption might be the right decision for you. You will most likely have a lot of questions about the adoption process in Florida. For that reason, our website has a specific page focused on birth mother’s Frequent Asked Questions.

Birth mothers choose adoption for many reasons – finances, timing, specific personal situations, but the common thread among them is love. If you choose to place your baby for adoption in Florida it’s very important to choose an adoption agency that understands how deeply you love your child and that at this point in your life you are unable to provide the life you believe your child deserves.

While exploring your adoption options, you will want to create a personalized adoption plan that best fits you and your baby.

A Real Story On Adoption in Florida

The adoption process can present many questions—and who better to answer them than the moms and families of Adoption by Shepherd Care? They have experienced their own adoption journey and are eager to share their insights.

Here is one birth mom’s story about placing a baby for adoption in Florida, in her own words.

Q: Tell us about your life when you first considered adoption?

A: My boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant just 3 months into dating. At the time, we were together, but we weren’t sure about our future and we weren’t in a situation that we felt we could raise a child, so we started considering our options.

I prayed and did research and felt that adoption was the way to go. I knew people who used Shepherd Care in the past, so I researched them and decided to go meet the team.

Q: What was your experience like as a biological mom working with Shepherd Care?

A: We loved the experience with Shepherd Care. We loved the welcoming feeling every time we walked in the door. There were times when I had to bring my older son with me, and they kept him content in another room so we could work together. And up until now they still are wonderful and check in with us.

They made us feel like family, not like weirdos. You want that feeling; you want to be able to feel special. We chose an open adoption and the family sends us updates every 3 months on our son.

Q: What is your advice to moms who are thinking about placing their babies for adoption?

A: Don’t feel weird as you think about giving up your baby for adoption, and don’t feel obligated. My boyfriend and I are still together and going through this experience with Shepherd Care brought us even closer.

I also want moms to know that the father can be a part of this process—Shepherd Care isn’t just for single moms. And remember… look at going through adoption as a blessing to a family, not giving up a child. You are blessing your child.

Whether you are a single mom considering adoption, or a parent with the desire to adopt, hearing this biological mom’s story sheds light on the experience of giving up a baby for adoption in Florida with the help of Shepherd Care.

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