Adoptive Parent’s Stories

Adoption by Shepherd Care mantiene fuertes conexiones con nuestras familias adoptivas a lo largo de los años. Esta relación es vital para los padres y los niños a medida que crecen y se desarrollan. Estamos aquí para responder a cualquiera de tus preguntas. Hemos recibido muchas cartas de padres que han elegido compartir su historia. Algunas de ellas se enumeran a continuación, y esperamos que las tomes en cuenta cuando tomes la decisión de trabajar con Adoption by Shepherd Care.

Nuestro increíble equipo se esfuerza por animar a las mamás y los papás a lo largo de este viaje único de paternidad. La colección de historias personales de ASC, escrita por padres adoptivos, hijos adoptados, padres biológicos y otras personas afectadas por la adopción, demuestra el valor de contar con una comunidad de apoyo. Esperamos que las historias te alienten e inspiren en tu viaje de adopción.

Isaac & Erin

After dealing with infertility for several years, Erin and I decided that adoption would be the best way to grow our family.

One of our friends that had been through the adoption process recommended “Adoption by Shepherd Care”. From the first Skype meeting we had with Terri, we were impressed with the number of years she and the whole organization had been helping people with adoption.  Terri was a wealth of insight and encouragement to us as we applied and began to wait for “the call”.  Once the day came and we got our call, the whole staff was so supportive through the whirlwind that followed!  There was no such thing as “office hours” as their team began to help with everything from the moment our son was born, to leaving the hospital with signed papers, to the time we left the state, to working with the birth parents a year after our adoption.  We have truly been known and loved by those at “Adoption by Shepherd Care” that went through this whole process with us!  Isaac & Erin

Jordan & Amanda

We feel so fortunate to have found and worked with Adoption by Shepherd Care for our adoption journey.

Choosing an agency was a difficult task for us. It was important to us that we worked with people who made us feel confident but kept our expectations realistic. We were looking for an organization that was warm, personable, and professional, and who had a lot of experience in the field. In talking with other agencies, it was Adoption by Shepherd Care that met all of these essential components we were looking for.

The exceptional service and professionalism that we received from everyone at Adoption by Shepherd Care were above and beyond what we expected. Every team member that we had contact with made us feel welcome and comfortable. The first time we attended their office, everyone knew us by name when we entered, and it truly made us feel like part of a family.  

When we were matched with our daughter, we were paired up with an extraordinary caseworker. She was compassionate, friendly, warm, and her communication was remarkable. We always felt informed, and like she truly cared about us throughout the journey. The special way in which she could anticipate our emotions throughout the whole process and handled every aspect with a calm and gentle approach made us feel reassured, and calmed us through the complexities and uncertainties of the adoption process.  

What really impressed us about Adoption by Shepherd Care was the amazing support that they provide to the birthmothers/fathers. Through our adoption experience, we were fortunate to get to know the birth family of our daughter, and seeing the genuine respect, compassion, and support that they received was profound and deeply felt. 

It is comforting to know that there is an agency like Adoption by Shepherd Care, who is so devoted to their work. We enjoyed the entire invaluable team of helpers with their warmth and humor, their sincerity, and their dedication to both the birth mothers/families and adoptive families. We have complete heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Adoption by Shepherd Care for holding us so warmly, caring, and open-hearted through our adoption journey.

We highly recommend Adoption by Shepherd Care as an adoption agency, and hope that many others can experience the wonderful joy that we were blessed with.”

Rob & Lee

Thank you to everyone we worked with at Adoption by Shepherd Care…

Thank you to everyone we worked with at Adoption by Shepherd Care.  The staff are incredibly supportive, sensitive, professional, and made this journey possible for us. Adoption by Shepherd Care truly know what they are doing. And they truly care about all families involved. They made this process so much easier for us, and made sure we were well taken care of. If adoption is part of your journey, you are in safe hands with Adoption by Shepherd Care.



Delano & Melissa

The best decision ever made was to contact ASC.

The best decision ever made was to contact ASC. I remember the moment I walked inside their office, and immediately felt like I had entered into someone’s living room. The decor, furniture and family pictures felt so “homely”. Each and every person encountered (Rose, Marcy, Nidia, Claudia and Heidi) made us feel like a part of their immediate family. They patiently explained the process, guided us through the paperwork, accommodated our schedules, followed up with the different agencies and diligently ensured that everything was completed in an expedited manner. They shared in the accomplishment of every milestone. They held our hands, lifted us up, reassured when we felt discouraged, but also laughed cried and pushed us as we walked the uphill road. Upon reaching the peak…they celebrated with us as if our baby boy were their own. Thank you for allowing us to finally experience parenthood. Thank you for the work that you do, the services you provide, and the care in which you do it.

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