Changing the World One Child at a Time.

Looking for a family movie this holiday season that leaves your kids and family inspired? Look no further than the story of a young man named Charles Mully.

As a 6-year-old boy, Charles Mully was orphaned after his parents abandoned him in their hut in Kenya. Charles is forced to beg for food and shelter for most of his childhood until he gains tremendous success. He excels in business and builds an unprecedented empire, with enough wealth to raise his family with all the things he never had as a child.

But in the face of such incredible success, Charles is burdened by a calling God lays on his heart to go back and care for the street children just like him. In a radical move, the man who has earned everything imaginable gives it all away in a move that seems impossible and unexplainable.

Charles Mully’s heart for the fatherless leads to amazing hardship and hope. This story will challenge everyone’s views understanding of ‘success’ and what it means to give back in new and extraordinary ways.

From Academy Award Winner James Moll, Mully is available to purchase or rent—see how Mully is changing the world, one child at a time.

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