Home Study

A Life Study About Who You Are as a Family

At ASC we believe a Home Study is a time to become educated on the life long journey of adoption.

Below is a helpful diagram to help you understand.

Home Study Documents

The first part of the paperwork is “Vital Statistics.” This is paperwork like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and passports.

Next would be medical clearances from your doctor and perhaps a psychological evaluation.

Criminal clearances and Child Abuse registry clearances are another part of the report. Collecting these can be intimidating, but we help you through it.

We ask that you get references from your friends, family, and your employers.

We collect financial information that shows that you can support another person in your home.

ASC feels that ADOPTION EDUCATION is the most important part of the Home study. It is a time in which you can share your fears and concerns with your caseworker, and they can educate you on myths and realities of adoption. It is a safe place for you to feel you have an advocate on your adoption journey.


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